Change Your Body Composition, Change Your Life

& WIN!

Grab a partner, ANY partner and join our 6 week challenge! The duo with the largest change in body fat, bone density & lean muscle mass wil WIN a 60 minute massage for each person !  

6 Week Challenge ->Feb 15 2021-March 25, 2021

DEXA Scans at Body Evolution Gym Feb 13th 

& in the Macon Area Feb 12th



- 2 DEXA scans for each person (before & after) to measure body fat, bone density & lean muscle mass   

->Personalized Meal Plan Written by Registered Dietician

->Premium Unlimited Gym Membership (if you are a member, your membership will be waived for the 6 weeks)

->24 Hour Gym Access (if you are not local, you will receive 6 weeks of programming based on your equipment availability, yours to keep!)

->Weekly Check Ins & Updates 

->Bootcamp 3 Days/Week (18 Total)

-> Booty Classes

-> Mobility Classes

-> Option to do EVERYTHING virtually!



$349 - Email Mary to Register.

706-610 4477

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