Body Evolution Fit Kids

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Body Evolution FitKids, Inc. (Fit Kids) is  non-profit organization, formed in 2018, whose primary focus is to help prevent the rise of childhood obesity through nutrition information and youth fitness programs.

The organization supports projects, programs and initiatives that promote fitness, healthy lifestyles, exercise and education.  This includes monthly Kids Camps that provide recreation and education for kids 4-14, at no or low cost.

Fit Kids has formed a Parks and Playground Fund to support, repair and replacement of equipment that can make recreation available to children. 

In 2019, Fit Kids raised 50K via the Cain Classic to rebuild Theo McGee Park.  Click through the gallery below to see our plan in action!

Theo Mc Gee Park had been newly renovated when tragedy struck.  A 16-year-old boy threw a lit cigarette down on the newly renovated turf leaving the whole park unsafe for use. See the news story here

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