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Don't Be A Statistic!

Ahhh the smell of pumpkin spice, the feel of cool breezes, and wrapping up in cozy clothes that hide the upcoming months of comfort food....SCREECH THOSE TIRES AND PUMP THOSE BREAKS!  While the first day of fall might be upon us September 22nd, there is NO need to change or slow down your fitness goals especially considering the fall/winter months are when the average person gains 10 pounds.  Don't be a statistic!  

As with any season in our life, health and fitness must be a top priority in our life!  So, here are 5 quick, easy tips to ensure your continued success, three 20-minute workouts you can do anywhere with just dumbbells AND 3 high intensity 20-minute cardio workouts you can do to cut the cut the belly/booty fat bulge. 

1.  Meal prep (failure to prepare is preparing to fail)

2.  Set your alarm/timer to go off every 3 hours to remind you to eat and drink

3.  Start your day with a gallon jug and pour 25 oz with each meal

4.  Yes life is crazy in the fall: ball, soccer, running like a mad person...BUT as with all things you MUST plan/prepare.  On Sunday afternoon set aside 10 minutes to organize your outfits for the week so you wont waste precious time in the mornings when you should be eating breakfast and rushing out the door with the kids.

5.  REST. That's easier said than done but ultimately all the eating and drinking and working out won't be anywhere near as effective unless you let your body get the recovery it needs to repair the muscle tissue and central nervous system breakdown that happens while you are working on your fitness!  

Try these workouts to keep!

Monday: Chest and Back- 4 sets 15 reps

Push Ups

Inverted Row/Pull (Use a table or counter top-something that won't flip-home bloopers)

DB Chest Press

DB Lat Pullover

DB Chest Fly (Inline if you can make that happen or flat on the ground if you can't)

DB Bent Over Fly

30 sec plank

Single leg jumps 30 seconds each leg for calf fitness

Tuesday: HIIT

40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest 

Heart rate should be at your max while working and then drop fast while you recover

You can do things like Sprints, Burpees, Jumping Jacks, Running in Place, etc

Wednesday: Legs 4 sets 15 reps

DB Squat

DB Deadlift

DB Steps Ups

DB Split Squats

Flat on your Back Hip Thrusts


Thursday: HIIT

Tabata 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest 10

Changing the time you work/rest on this HIIT will keep things interesting, challenging, and short and sweet.  Again you MUST take your Heart Rate to its max while working and then just stop and let it rest while you recover.

Because your duration of work/rest is shorter than Tuesdays you definitely want to choose a movement that will maximize the short duration and without a doubt one of the best is jumping rope!  BUT, if thats a no-go because you're a mom who has had kids and your bladder doesn't cooperate (as that happens) then opt for 100 yard sprints.

FRIDAY: Arms 3 sets 15 reps

DB Shoulder Press

DB Bicep Curl

DB Kickbacks

DB lateral raises

DB Hammer Bicep  Curls

Tricep Dips on a chair or bench

DB Russian Twist for Obliques

DB Single leg calf raises

Saturday: HIIT

2 min of moderate work and 1 min max work

4  circuits total 

1st minute-lunge squat lunge squat

2nd minute-squat, thrust legs back to push position, do 1 push up, hop legs back into squat position stand and repeat

3rd min all out intensity jump squats-go into a squatting position then with all your might jump like a basketball superstar taking the winning shot and repeat

NOW...with all these great weapons of fat burning in your artillery don't let them be in vain by not sticking to a personalized macro meal plan!  The winning combination is guaranteed to help you come out the other side ready for the beach on spring break instead of scrambling to find a cover up!

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