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So You Signed Up for Bootcamp... Now What?


First off, congratulations! You’re taking a serious step toward self-improvement, regardless of what your personal goals are. Taking on this fitness commitment is an excellent accountability plan to keep you on track to meet regular milestones in your physical progression. Whether this is your first bootcamp experience ever or just your first here at Body Evolution, we’d like to welcome you and lay out how it all works.

Showing Up

Bootcamp is a 1-hour class held on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday with 5:30am, 9:00am, and 5:30pm time options. Wear comfortable athletic attire that will not interfere with your mobility or affect you during integrated cardio exercises like running or jumping rope. BE is a ‘Hot Box’ gym, so we recommend wearing light, breathable materials to keep you as cool as possible. In colder months wear layers so you can shed them as you warm up to avoid overheating. Correct footwear is very important for preventing injury, you will benefit from a pair of cross-trainers or more simply a shoe that you can comfortably run, jump, and lift in. When you arrive to your class all of the day’s equipment will be laid out for you, but please try to come a few minutes early to personalize appropriate weights for the exercises you’ll be doing that day.

Class Format

Our bootcamp classes provide a full-body workout experience designed to improve muscle strength, aerobic endurance, and calorie burn. Every class will begin with a quick active warm up that is tailored to prep your body for upcoming exercises to minimize your risks of injury. Next comes a round of strength-focused sets where you’ll work the major muscle groups of the day at weights between 60-90% of your heaviest lift (or ‘one rep max’). The next phase will heavily integrate AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and circuit training into a high-intensity workout, which means you’ll be preforming a wide variety of exercises back-to-back with little or no rest in between sets. There will be plenty of variety worked into each set to keep things from getting repetitive, and we’ll often stack AMRAPs so you’ll power straight through a couple different ones during a class. Expect to keep up this intensity for 30-40 minutes! We switch up the exercises and styles each week to keep it interesting and original for you. Once you’ve made it to the end, we’ll walk you through a quick, static cooldown to relieve tension and help with muscle recovery.

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