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Body Evolution



About Body Evolution

Body Evolution Gym offers an unparalleled community, staff, facility and fields of expertise you won’t find in your typical gym.  We have everything you need including: resistance machines and cardio equipment, and every specialty equipment and bars for strongman, powerlifting, Olympic lifting and funcational fitness.

We are home to a strongly dedicated congenial community of members and staff.  From workouts, classes, to the competition stage, you will be welcomed and feel at home from the day you arrive.


The progress you can achieve as a member of a gym family while receiving individualized services from experts who care about you is limitless. 


Our Services

We know that health and wellness is not a one size fits all.  We have structured our services to ensure that our members have ownership in what they do and how they do it.  If you are unsure on what's right for you, our highly educated and qualified staff will work with you to help you determine what you need.









"If you’re looking for the best gym in Columbus, look no further. You’ve found it. This gym has everything to fit your needs from amazing/knowledgeable coaches, broad range of workout equipment, high standards for cleanliness, lots of space to do your thing. I highly recommend stopping by to check it out and invest in a better you at this gym!"

Maddie Olson, 2022

"The absolute best gym in Columbus, Georgia. Great staff, The Powell’s are amazing owners who really care about their members and the gym. The atmosphere in the gym is unmatched, everyone is super friendly and willing to help if you’re new and looking for advice. Not to mention the owner Matt is probably one of the best coaches in Georgia and a registered dietitian so if you need advice on how to start your fitness journey there is no better place that Bode Evolution and Powell Performance."

Cameron Yancy, 2021

"Body Evolution is the best gym in Columbus Georgia, and possibly the Southeast US. The trainers are super friendly and knowledgeable, the gym is better equipped than any other I've been to, with machines like Jacobs Ladders, Ski Ergs, plenty of chalk and Olympic Bars. Matt, the owner and head coach, is the epitome of a professional in strength sports.
10/10 would recommend to a veteran, and someone just getting started on taking control of their health. You won't be disappointed."

Connor Johnston, 2022

"Best gym in Columbus! I don't know of another place in town that has 24 hr access, a staff full of coaches with more credentials and experience than anywhere else, and both strongman and weightlifting/crossfit equipment available for use. You also can't ask for better gym owners than Matt and Chelsea. They're always doing new things to accommodate the members and are always willing to help with whatever you need."

Michael Beardon, 2022

"Not your average gym. You don’t have to be a body builder, strongman competitor or cross fitter. This gym is clearly tailored to anyone with the mindset of bettering themselves and or competing. The last two days I have noticed a great sense of a strong community which every “gym go-er” can respect. 100% recommend to anyone."

Tyler S., 2021

"Amazing gym with a strong a supportive community. They have outstanding coaches and Trainers. My Trainer has helped me reach my fitness goals and new maxes I've never hit before."

Jaxon Taylor, 2021

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