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Why Choose Body Evolution?

The Dilemma- Searching for the perfect gym to fit your goals can be conflicting and time consuming. Large, commercialized fitness centers offer alluring rates and vast facilities at the expense of your individuality, while local establishments offer you community and specialized services but in a typically smaller location. It all comes down to your priorities and your mentality.

The Solution- If you are truly serious about improving yourself or if you are serious about becoming serious, the value of a fitness community, as opposed to just a facility, cannot be overstated. If you are looking for the most effective fitness community in this area, you will arrive at Body Evolution Gym. Founded on faith, family, and fitness, Body Evolution offers an accommodating environment that is structured to vastly improve individuals anywhere from beginner to pro.

The Community- Body Evolution is home to a strongly dedicated yet congenial community of members and staff. They support each other in everything from daily workouts, to classes, to the competition stage. Everybody knows everybody and you are welcomed to this group from the day you arrive. They understand that sometimes all it takes is just a sense of belonging to get you to the gym on a rough morning (or the feeling of guilt that your gym pals will be suffering through bootcamp without you if you cop out). It’s undeniable that mental factors play a large role in how effective your workouts are, along with how passionately you pursue your goals. That’s why Body Evolution has carried on the mentality of making itself a home away from home for the past 15 years. You are NOT just a number here.

The Staff- Body Evolution has the highest concentration of NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists on staff of any gym in the area. Their staff also has an extensive pool of training and experience that guides their members to achieving next-level results. For example… The head personal/nutritional trainer is an IFBB pro, US Strongwoman champion, and Georgia’s Strongest Woman from 2019. The owner/head strongman coach has trained US Special Forces, NFL athletes, and D1 athletes with his national qualifications ranging from precision nutrition to Olympic weightlifting. There is no shortage of expertise at Body Evolution. Set your mind to a goal and they will get you there.

The Programs- There are a variety of membership options and ways to progress yourself at Body Evolution whether you’re looking to do your own thing, join a workout group, or have a fitness/nutrition plan personally customized for you. You can begin with a Base Membership which gives you 24/7 access to all cardio, machines, and dumbbells in the gym. Join the Barbell Club to also access an open Crossfit/HIIT area that holds a wide selection of strongman equipment ranging from kegs to sleds to atlas stones. Opt into a Premium Membership to get full access to all areas of the gym as well as unlimited participation in all fitness classes. They offer bootcamp, ‘booty blast,’ and strongman, all of which are staggered throughout the week to suit any schedule. Also offered are individualized meal planning, personal training, workout programming, consultation, and daily one-on-one accountability with the head trainer.

Body Evolution also specializes in bodybuilding training (includes physique, bikini, figure, etc) for those looking to make a truly dramatic transformation or those experienced in the sport looking to progress further. Their experienced staff have proven training plans to prepare their members for the competition stage, offering posing classes along with comprehensive training packages to get you entirely ready for the spotlight. Swing by the gym and you’ll see the walls lined with posters of the successful transformations and competition winners they’ve produced. Note- there is a plan for those who want to look THAT good but do not wish to compete.

The Bottom Line- Body evolution offers an unparalleled community, staff, facility, and fields of expertise that you are guaranteed to not find at your local Planet Fitness. The progress you can achieve as a member of a gym family while receiving individualized services from experts who care about you is nearly limitless. If you’re serious about seeing change or reaching a goal, these are the people you can trust to push you to them and beyond.

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